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Production of burrata cheese admin 02/03/2023
Technology that respects tradition

MEVO is your expert cheesemaker

MEVO SMART is the only line of machines for dairies-cheese factories that allows you to automate the production process of burrata cheese, an Italian product of excellence that is recognised around the world. Traditionally from Puglia, burrata is now an increasingly popular and appreciated product that has seen a significant increase in demand in recent years. To meet the increasing demand from a quantitative point of view and the complex needs of consumers from a qualitative point of view, burrata producers need to find expert personnel, since the filling and sealing operations for burrata require specific manual skills and plenty of experience. With the MEVO SMART and MEVO FAST line of systems for dairies-cheese factories, burrata can now be produced automatically, with a production capacity of up to 1200 pieces per hour over three lines, without sacrificing tradition.

Our mission

No risk of contamination

Automated production without an operator manually intervening reduces the possibility of contaminating the product and extends its expiry date.

Training and assistance

You no longer need to find expert personnel, as we will be there with you providing our know-how to train the operators of your dairy-cheese factory.

Respect for tradition

The filling and sealing of the burrata are carried out in compliance with the traditional characteristics for a typical product of excellence.

Greater production flexibility

Keep up with the requests of an increasingly demanding market, producing any size of burrata, with or without a head.

Soft and homogeneous product

All the best qualities of a handmade burrata, but with product conformity that only automatic dosing can provide.

More products and less waste

With one simple click you can choose to make it with or without the head. In any case, the waste of excess curd is reduced to a minimum thanks to the precision of the closing system.

Tailor-made technology for the production of burrata cheese

MEVO SMART a single head production machine that can produce up to 400 burrata per hour, while MEVO FAST is a 3-line system that can produce up to 1200 pieces per hour. One of the strong points for dairies-cheese factories is that the systems in this line can make a range of products from 50 g to 400 g, with plenty of margin to personalise the weight and characteristics of the product. MEVO SMART and MEVO FAST can both produce burrata with and without a head, eliminating the use of other support machines and the relative additional costs.

All our machines can be fully customised and are designed to adapt to different types of production lines with personalised configurations.

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MEVO SMART is the first automatic burrata sealing machine in the world.