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The first line of automation equipment for the production of burrata with respect for tradition

Discover our systems for the dairy and cheese sector dairy and cheese sector
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Machines for the food and dairy-cheese industry

The Marotta Evolution Group specialises in supplying machines for the food industry, in particular tailor-made automation solutions for the production of burrata cheese. An Italian gastronomic product of excellence that is traditionally made by hand, it can now be made in a completely automated way with our innovative systems.

Besides the dairy-cheese sector, the Marotta Evolution Group is able to create customised systems for the following sectors based on its extensive experience in the industrial automation sector:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
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Our systems for dairies-cheese factories




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We create technologically advanced systems for your processes.
Technological consulting

Based on your specific production needs, we design a technological system that can perform even the most complex operations which are traditionally carried out by hand with precision and expertise, while always respecting the traditional characteristics of the product.

We study the feasibility of your project to create a customised system
Research and development

Do you want to automate one or more production lines in your dairy-cheese factory in order to increase productivity and improve the quality of the processes? We will design a tailor-made solution that reduces time and increases profit.

We build systems that improve the quality and safety of your products
Safety and sanitisation

The automation of production processes helps you reduce the risk of contamination, extend the safety time, comply with stringent health standards and protect the health of consumers and operators. Every part of each system can be sanitised.

We are always in step with innovation and technological progress.
Continuous updating

Operating in the dairy-cheese industry today involves continuous updating with respect to available technologies and innovations, current regulations and market trends. We are by your side to help you keep pace and be competitive.

We offer constant support so that you can optimise the operation of your system.
Initial testing and training

Once your new machine has been designed and installed, we will test it and also train and supervise your staff on the operation of your new system.

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The Marotta Group
Respect for tradition

Our automation equipment for the dairy-cheese industry increase the production capacity of your system without ever betraying the traditional nature of our Italian products of excellence: the operations respect the organoleptic qualities of the traditional product and improve some of its characteristics.

Production flexibility

With the use of our machines for the dairy-cheese industry, you can diversify your production so that it’s in line with market demands, expanding the range of operations that can be performed and the formats that can be produced in the same amount of production time.

Better margins

Automating the production of dairy-cheese products means producing more in less time, with higher safety standards and less waste, satisfying market demand without the need to increase costs for personnel and work hours.

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