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Me Robot admin 02/03/2023

Automatic burrata loading machine ME ROBOT

The automatic loading robot was created to automate the process of loading the mozzarella balls into the MEVO FAST automatic burrata production machine. The purpose is to automate a manual process, and in this manner eliminating possible contamination transmitted by an operator performing the loading operation manually. It also represents a significant savings in terms of personnel and productivity, since the machinery does not need to stop and works at a steady rhythm.

ME ROBOT can take the mozzarella balls from a moulder already installed near it, which are then processed by the MEVO FAST machine to make the burrata cheese.

Characteristics of the ME ROBOT automatic burrata loading machine

  • Mozzarella gripping and deposit robot from the moulder to the MEVO FAST machine;
  • Frame and structures all made of 316L stainless steel;
  • Dedicated electrical system for the robot and gripping tongs;
  • Dedicated pneumatic system for the robot and gripping tongs;
  • Safety hatches on the pasta filata loading side;
  • Dedicated electrical board with air recirculation system;
  • PLC and dedicated control;
  • Dedicated management software;
  • Model MF10 moulder

Line of machines for the automated production of burrata cheese

  • Evotella kneading machine;
  • EVO Transfer stracciatella transfer basin;