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MEVO FAST admin 02/03/2023

Automatic burrata production machine


MEVO FAST is the evolution of the systems for the automatic production of burrata cheese. It has retained all the positive aspects, including their main characteristics of having a narrow frame, without however sacrificing on its extreme productivity. This machine occupies a small amount of space but can produce different weights of burrata with or without the head, from 50 g up to 400 g, for an hourly production output that varies from 900 to 1200 pieces/hour.

All of our machines are able to automatically fill the burrata without altering the quality in any way and the traditional nature of this “Made in Italy” heritage product.

Also learn more about MEVO FAST, the single-head classic for the production of 300-400 burrata per hour.

Automated burrata production

The production process takes place by means of a conveyor belt with special wells, within which the outer shells of mozzarella are deposited, either manually by the operator or automatically with our Me Robot. The belt advances one step to the filling position. Using a patented diaphragm system, the outer shell is lifted from the well and filled by a volumetric dosing unit on board the machine. The filling can be selected by the customer: MEVO FAST can be used, remaining loyal to tradition and filling the mozzarella with the stracciatella, or by trying some gourmet experiments by adding pesto, olives, etc. After the mozzarella shell is filled, this same diaphragm system immediately seals it and then places the finished burrata back in its well. The belt now moves forward another step, depositing the burrata in the basin or the firming cart.

To make the stracciatella filling for burrata Marotta Evolution Group offers its customers the possibility of purchasing the Evotella kneading machine, in order to automate the process of creating the filling. The EVO Transfer (stracciatella filling transfer basin) and the CIP Cart (automatic end of day system cleaning) are also available for purchase.

Advantages of the MEVO FAST burrata production system

One important plus in using the MEVO FAST is that it lowers the risk of contamination, as the product is not filled manually. Especially for the production of burrata with the head, there is no need to use raffia palm or similar systems.

Another important plus is that it makes the product homogeneous, maintaining the traditional form and at the desired finished weight.

Characteristics of MEVO FAST:

Type of machine:

Burrata moulder


Electromechanical / Pneumatic / Hydraulic



Operators required:


Maximum mechanical speed (not loaded):

6.66 cycles/min.

Maximum production speed:

Depends on format

Production capacity:

Depends on format

Time required for format changeover:

– Pneumatic dosing units:

– Electronic dosing units (optional):

15 min.

5 min.

Burrata dimensions:

Width 70 – 80

Height 40 – 50

Standard product cup (125 g format):

24 pcs.

Standard default recipe:

125 g

Potential optional formats:

50 g – 400 g (500 g optional)

Sound emission levels:

< 60 dB (A)

Overall dimensions:

See the manual

Total machine weight (unloaded):

700 kg (with pneumatic dosing units)

800 kg (with electronic dosing units (optional))


Stainless steel / blue