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Tailor-made industrial automation equipment for the production of burrata cheese

The Marotta Evolution Group produces a complete line of industrial automation equipment for the production of burrata cheese.

The group was founded by the Marotta brothers and has extensive experience in the design and production of industrial systems. It is composed of two companies: Marotta Evolution and the Marotta Group. Marotta Evolution focuses on the manufacturing of machinery and the Marotta Group performs Research and Development of automated industrial solutions.

At the absolute cutting-edge of the sector, the Marotta Evolution Group is currently the only company in the world able to produce and market machines for the automatic production of burrata, a traditional Italian cheese with a high level of hand-crafted tradition. It is also a partner for industries who want to develop tailor-made systems for their production line.


With more than 17 years of experience in the world of industrial automation, Marotta Evolution, the company located in Nonantola near Modena and founded by the Marotta brothers, has satisfied an ever-increasing number of requests. The Marotta Evolution Group works in all the conception, study and design phases of the system, up to the construction and marketing of products mainly for the food & beverage, packaging & logistics sectors.

“Our customers are in fact partners or part of the manufacturing supply chains, who we assist through the various services we offer, with which we are able to make their requests feasible starting from the simple initial idea”, explains president Carmine Marotta. “After a careful market analysis, we focused our efforts on the food sector and specifically in the dairy-cheese sector, highly representative of “made in Italy” quality, where its potential was clearly underestimated. Analysis of the sector pointed out the critical nature of the manual operations that are still performed today and which can introduce the risk of product contamination.

The Marotta Evolution Group therefore chose to solve this problem by creating a semi-automatic system for the production of burrata cheese. Burrata is an extremely delicate pulled curd (pasta filata) product, formed by a pouch of mozzarella that is filled with soft, stringy material created using bits of mozzarella and fresh cream; it is particularly characterised by a typical closure at the top, which still today can only be performed by a specialised operator with expert manual skill.

“Burrata, a typical example of a product that has been made by hand until now, has seen demand increase substantially over the past few years, not only in Italy but also abroad, with double figure growth”, continues Marotta. “The negative aspect of this success is increasing difficulty in finding professional cheese makers to work the product according to tradition”.

All the innovations introduced by Marotta Evolution can be found in “MEVO”, an automatic machine for making burrata that simulates the work of an expert cheesemaker from the filling of the mozzarella curd to the closing of the pouches at the top, all automatically.

This machine was presented for the first time in November 2019 at the MECSPE trade show in Bari and has been a complete success ever since: in spite of two years of pandemic, which created a great deal of problems, more than 200 machines were installed nationally and internationally, where the Marotta Evolution Group is seeing significant growth.

Professional figures such as planners, designers, mechanics and electricians are all part of Marotta Evolution’s team: the multitude of professional figures and skills allows the company to be competitive and to quickly provide the customer with a “turnkey” product.

The company is structuring itself by hiring specialised personnel and certifying the internal activities to meet the increased market demand in Italy, Europe and internationally. Besides the technical departments, the growth also involves the offices and departments related to company management, so that they can rely on a solid structure that can pursue and properly support the evolution and growth of this Modena-based business.

The team

A solid team in the game with you

With its strong specialisation in the dairy-cheese sector, the Marotta Evolution Group produces industrial automation equipment for the production of burrata cheese as well as additional equipment that can essentially fully automate the process. Resolving such important problems for its customers, always there to help them find (and often create) the appropriate solution when faced with a complex situation.


One of the added values of the Marotta Evolution Group is therefore the collaborative synergy between all the team members. From the technical department designers to the system installers and the assistance professionals, we all enjoy the feeling of being a solid team at the service of our customers. This allows us to grow as professionals and as a team and to constantly improve our technological and design skills to help achieve the customer’s goals.

The Marotta Evolution Group is an expanding company that focuses on constant technological updating and the continuous training of its team.