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Evotella admin 02/03/2023

Evotella kneading machine:machine for kneading the mozzarella

The Marotta Evolution Group’s Evotella kneading machine was designed to facilitate the kneading of the pasta filata, which is normally used for the formation of stracciatella, the typical filling for burrata cheese. This operation is currently performed manually, requires a considerable amount of production time and increases the risk of contamination. With our system, it’s simple and intuitive to perform the same operation automatically without the help of an expert cheesemaker, which especially today is a figure who is increasingly hard to find.

The mozzarella strands created by Evotella are different than those generated by machines currently on the market: in fact, the Marotta Evolution Group developed a procedure that makes strands very similar to those generated by hand.

If used together with the EVO Transfer basin and one of the machines from the Marotta Evolution Group for the automatic production of burrata cheese (see MEVO SMART or MEVO FAST), the Evotella pasta filata kneading machine can be used to make the filling in a completely automated manner, making it both traditional and innovative, and thus providing a part of the precious raw material for the production of numerous burrata per hour.

Longer Shelf Life

Thanks to the automation proposed by the Marotta Evolution Group, the shelf life of the products can be extended, guaranteeing consumer safety without renouncing the maximum productivity of your systems. In fact, contamination is reduced to a minimum, also thanks to the CIP Cart washing system included in the Marotta Evolution Group’s range of machinery for the production of burrata cheese.