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EVO Transfer pneumatic admin 02/03/2023

Stracciatella transfer basin (burrata filling)EVO Transfer Pneumatic

To make burrata, one of the instruments required to correctly proceed with the production process is a stracciatella transfer basin. After manually kneading the pasta filata or using the Evotella kneading machine, and after mixing everything with cream by means of a mixer, it needs to be loaded into the hoppers so the burrata can be filled.

The Marotta Evolution Group has created the EVO Transfer stracciatella transfer basin, which is used to semi-automatically move the product directly into the hoppers without the intervention of an operator. This speeds up the step and eliminates the risks related to the loading height to be reached, making the system much more efficient.

Equipped with wheels which allow it to be moved in a simple fashion, EVO Transfer has a maximum capacity of 300 litres of product. The pump can transfer the stracciatella by means of a pneumatic control, moving the desired amount of product into the hopper alongside the machine.

The machine is made entirely of 316L stainless steel and only has pneumatic controls. All the components for the EVO Transfer stracciatella transfer basin are FCM (Food Contact Materials) certified

Complete line for the automatic production of burrata cheese

For those who choose its automatic burrata production machines, the Marotta Evolution Group offers its 10+ years of experience in the industrial automation sector, ensuring a solution to all of the customer’s difficulties. The company is continuously evolving and would like to take on the problems encountered based on the different production needs of the dairy-cheese sector and to successfully resolve them. All the accessories related to the complete line for the production of burrata cheese are proof, such as:

  • Evotella kneading machine;
  • Me Robot automatic burrata loading machine;
  • CIP Cart for the washing of machinery.

The accept the innovation challenge: if you have a special request for a problem that is difficult to resolve, do not hesitate to contact us.