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Mevo SMART admin 02/03/2023

Tailor-made technology for the production of burrata cheese


MEVO is a single head automatic machine for the production of burrata cheese.

It started in 2019 as a personal challenge to innovate a sector that relied solely on pneumatic volumetric dosing units and expert cheesemakers, who are increasingly difficult to find and hire. As a result of its decades of experience in the field of industrial automation, the Marotta Evolution Group successfully created an automatic burrata machine called MEVO SMART, achieving a result that had never been obtained before up to that time by any other company in the world.

MEVO SMART has therefore become the cutting-edge automation solution for the burrata production process, therefore giving business people in the sector the possibility to enjoy a significant increase in the production capacity of their plant. In fact, this burrata machine can make up to 400 pieces per hour, with or without a head, in complete compliance with tradition and without the need to hire expert cheesemakers. It can also be outfitted with dedicated additional equipment.

Automatic burrata production systems, now tailor-made

MEVO SMART is the automatic machine that revolutionised the burrata production sector.

Over the years the Marotta Evolution Group has decided to solve common problems for small dairies and cheesemakers who wanted to purchase the automatic burrata production system, but had space limitations or needed more production capacity. It therefore studied solutions that could adapt to different types of production lines with personalised configurations, presenting the following line of automatic burrata production machines to the market:

  • MEVO SMART – single head system for the production of 300-400 pieces/hour;
  • MEVO FAST– triple head system with smaller size frame for the production of 900-1200 pieces/hour.

Marotta Evolution Group also decided to solve more marginal problems by offering a completely automated service to anyone who had the need. It therefore supplies additional equipment that can essentially fully automate the production, loading and washing of the machinery:

  • Evotella kneading machine;
  • EVO Transfer stracciatella transfer basin;
  • Me Robot automatic burrata loading machine;
  • CIP Cart for the washing of machinery