Simple and intuitive production of stracciatella

Stracciatella is a fully Italian product that results from the perfect union between fresh cream and strands of mozzarella. It is a versatile product that is very appreciated for its fresh and creamy flvour, which can be marketed as a finished product or used in the productive process for burrata cheese. To produce it, the pasta filata kneading operation is required, which has always been done manually in dairy-cheese factories. This procedure is useful when creating different sized strands and is an operation that has always required considerable production times.

Thanks to the experience of the Marotta Evolution Group, the Evotella kneading machine reprsents today the revolutionary innovation that the pasta filata processing sector was waiting for in order to fully satisfy the needs of specialised dairy-cheese factories. Thanks to our automated system, the kneading operation becomes simple and intuitive, eliminating the need for employing an expert cheesemaker, a figure becoming increasingly difficult to find in the labour market. Furthermore, if choosing to install the entire production line it is possible to benefit from the numerous advantages of a completely automatic process. The line guides the pasta filata that exits the etruder to a cooling channel, which brings it to an ideal temperature for processing, and from there passes directly to Evotella for kneading.

Evotella kneading machine

Superior quality kneading

One of the strengths of the Evotella kneading machine is the creation of strands of pasta filata with an excellent quality. Unlike machines for kneading pasta filata that are already available on the market, the Marotta Evolution Group has developed an automatic process that faithfully reproduces the strands obtained manually. A product with the desired thickness and length can be obtained from the unprocessed strand generated based on the characteristic of the rollers, offering flexibility and adaptability to the specific need of your dairy-cheese factory. This guarantees a final result that has the same characteristics and authenticity as a handmade strand.

Integrated automation equipment for the production of burrata cheese

The combined use of the Evotella automatic kneading machine with the EVO TRANSFER tank and one of the Marotta Evolution Group machines for the automatic production of burrata, such as MEVO SMART or MEVO FAST, makes it possible to obtain the filling for burrata in a completely automated manner. Whether you want to produce a traditional or innovative filling, Evotella provides the essential raw material for the production of a large quantity of burrata cheese per hour. Thanks to its perfect integration, both the efficiency and the productivity of your dairy-cheese factory systems can reach excellent levels, which is unimaginable only using specialised personnel.

Choosing Evotella means relying on advanced technology that reproduces the authenticity of the handmade strand, while offering the flexibility and customisation required by manufacturers of excellence. If you want to discover the potential of the Evotella kneading machine and request a free demo of the MEVO machines, don’t hesitate to contact us!