Design, Innovation & Automation with Marotta Evolution Group

A growing company that is focusing on new technologies

Industrial automation with the ability to provide turnkey solutions, covering all the fields from within, such as: design, realisation, assembly, on-site installation, on board machine installation, software installation and service. A newly founded company which has already established its name on the worldwide market for the sector thanks to the entrepreneurial foresight of its partners. This is basically Marotta Evolution’s calling card, the Modena based group that was created through the extensive experience of the Marotta brothers, and which is now composed of four companies ensuring each maximum specialisation in their respective fields in the automation process, guaranteeing reliability, product quality and safety, sharing their know-how with the other companies in the group: Marotta Evolution S.r.l. focuses on the part of processing dedicated to assembly, on-site installation and on-board machine installation. Marotta Evolution Technology S.r.l. is responsible for the production phase using machinery such as: “Bystronic” laser cutter, a 6-axis synchronised hydraulic bending machine, a vertical machining centre, a motorised lathe and
a TIG and MIG welding department. Leonardi Engineering S.r.l., with 40 years of experience, is the component that instead develops the concept and design part of the products through a studio made up of designers, engineers and professionals. Finally, Marotta Evolution Intelligence S.r.l. is the company that works on the IT Solutions, or rather the information and electronic technologies applied in an industrial environment. The Marotta Evolution Group can satisfy customers with its own projects or special projects requested by the customer. The ISO certifications (ISO 9001; ISO 14001) become an important element for manufacturing the systems: the reliability, safety, quality and compliance with the environmental regulations add more professional competence to the services it can offer the market.

With regard to compliance with the environmental regulations, the Group is extremely environmentally conscience and the choice to use energy from renewable sources is an important plus, especially now due to the worldwide climate situation. Also, pertaining to the significant attention it pays to occupational health and safety, the company obtained the SA 8000 certifications with integration of the internationally recognised OHSAS 18001 certification on an extremely important aspect. The ambition and desire to supply better technology and quality is something that is a definite strong point for a company that has been constantly committed to exploring new technologies and the most up-to-date technological applications so that they can be better used through its extensive experience. Another qualifying aspect of the Group is its significant ability to grow by encouraging a true group philosophy within, thus increasing the operational team spirit and consequently strengthening the bond with the company.

 The Group also opened a new affiliate in Zárate, Argentina a few months ago, which will be the office serving the entire South American market. The Marotta Evolution Group was a protagonist at the 2018 edition of MECSPE, bringing the prototype that immediately garnered significant interest and captured the attention of many entrepreneurs from the sector. Some more important news about the company is the inauguration of a new warehouse, which is expected to occur in the first half of July. The corporate team is actually already active and working on this new facility and, like always, ready to commit to reaching ambitious goals and important milestones. Professionalism, experience, quality, reliability are the prerogatives that distinguish the company and upon which every activity and its success is based. Info at